Guest Bedroom Inspo

Our house is really in pretty decent shape (given it's nearly a century old), but there are still lots of things we want to change and fix to bring it up to speed. Tackling that is a bit like starting a jigsaw puzzle—all of the pieces intersect so it's tricky to figure out where to … Continue reading Guest Bedroom Inspo

Paint Primer: Picking A White

When we bought our house, every room was painted a slightly different pastel shade. Pale pistachio in the dining room, an almost-purple in the living room, a sort-of yellow in one of the bedrooms. Given that the exterior is also an eye-catching French Blue, it's a little like living in an Easter basket. Pass me … Continue reading Paint Primer: Picking A White

Don’t Think Twice, It’s All White

Before we'd even closed on the house, I went absolutely, 100% viably insane on Pinterest, madcap-pinning literally any interior that caught my eye with zero kind of organization whatsoever. Anything and everything I liked, even a little, got a tiny digital pin stuck in it—really I was trying to distill for myself what I liked … Continue reading Don’t Think Twice, It’s All White