Guest Bedroom Inspo

Our house is really in pretty decent shape (given it’s nearly a century old), but there are still lots of things we want to change and fix to bring it up to speed. Tackling that is a bit like starting a jigsaw puzzle—all of the pieces intersect so it’s tricky to figure out where to start. Case in point: we’re planning a gut-reno of the upstairs bathroom, including closing off the unnecessary linen closet (we have another in the hallway), so we can open that closet space on the other side to enlarge a bedroom closet. So there’s no real point in painting and perfecting that bedroom until the bathroom reno is completed.

So. We’re starting small. With our smallest bedroom, to be exact. It also happens to be the one that reeeally makes my skin crawl—70s-style faux-wood panelling that had been painted little-boy nursery blue, plus a wall-papered (WTF) ceiling. The plan is to paint it white (ahhhh), and then start to layer in a mix of new and vintage pieces for a comfortable, collected look that will feel right in this house.


  1. Inlaid Box — 2. Candle — 3. Wall Sconce — 4. Bed — 5. Pillows — 6. Geometric Print — 7. Rabbit Print — 8. Herringbone Throw 9. Leather Camping Stool — 10. Nightstand — 11. Jute Rug  — 12. Small Planter

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